Bringing Education To Everyone's Door

A company working to provide free & affordable educational services to all learners

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Have a look at different projects establishing under Leadest


A platform for grade-11-12 students woring to train them for boards and competitive exams as well


A platform for grade-7 to grade-10 students working to train them for foundation courses


A platform for college students and professionals aiming to develop knowledge & certify them


A platform to develop skills among deaf & dumb people and nuture their success path

Leadest Team


The main man behind the Leadest vision. He is working on every project to bring affordable educational facilities


The Leadest Girl, working to manage the team and their work. Event mangement & other stuff comes under her


Mind behind technical stuff at Leadest. He works part time at Leadest and owns ARkidzoo Company

Het Suthar

Marketing in the market is his choice of work. He is good at digital marketing and works to bring Leadest on the floor

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